Phil Hawksworth

Phil Hawksworth

Developer Relations, Netlify

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Introduction to JAMstack JAMstack meetup June 2019 Register
Master of Ceremonies JAMstack_conf London July 2019 Information
Are you being servered? — Exploring a “serverless” web Nebraska JavaScript August 2019 Information
Making serverless APIs with Netlify Dev Middlesbrough Front End August 2019 Information
TBA JSCamp September 2019
Master of Ceremonies Fronteers October 2019 Information
Master of Ceremonies JAMstack_conf San Francisco October 2019 Information
TBA DotJS December 2019 Register

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JAMstack: Silly name. Serious stuff. International JavaScript Conference 2019 May 2019
JAMstack And Netlify - Getting Started. And Levelling Up. Smashing Conference April 2019
Webhooks and Events and Microservices, oh my! Upfront Conf March 2019
What, why and how to JAMstack Oxford Geek Night February 2019
Workshop: Netlify & Static Site Generators Fronteers Workshop: Netlify & Static Site Generators January 2019
What, why and how to JAMstack Front-End-York December 2018
Opening address ColdFront November 2018
Opening address JAMstack Conf October 2018
From zero to "oh really?" with Netlify Smashing Conference October 2018
Sustainable serverless workflows with Netlify Functions London Microservices Meetup August 2018
Promoting Performance from the Ground Up June 2018
JAMstack and Netlify - Do we really need another buzzword? Mcr FRED 60 May 2018
JAMstack and Netlify - Do we really need another buzzword? McrFRED May 2018
Why JAMstack? Beyond static sites. JAMstack Porto May 2018
Why JAMstack? Beyond static sites Certified Fresh Events - Modern Web Development with the JAMStack May 2018
Next wave infrastructure – and how to use it for an easier life WeAreDevelopers World Congress May 2018
Serving for the win - Deploys and hosting for the rest of us Render Conf March 2018
Microservices - The FAAS and the Furious Front-Trends 2017 May 2017
Dodging bullets. Microservices for fewer sleepless nights Beyond Tellerrand May 2017
I can smell your CMS Fronteers Conference October 2016
Static Sites go all Hollywood Front-Trends 2016 May 2016
Dynamic Static Site Strategies ColdFront Conference September 2014

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