Build Faster Than AEM

A presentation at Webinar — Build Faster Than AEM by Phil Hawksworth

Before Phil Hawksworth became the ambassador of Jamstack and the composable web, he was deep in the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) world as a developer for a global design and advertising agency. Hear Phil’s battle stories and lessons learned from projects over several years:

A 9-day project for a billion-dollar food brand that performed just as well as an equivalent 20-month AEM project.

A six-week project for a major US sports brand that needed a five-week lead time to procure an AEM dev environment—and the stack they used to ship anyway.

Change is hard. So join Phil, in conversation with Netlify product marketer Neha Varshneya, to get firsthand knowledge on how to design killer demos, avoid project sandbagging, and craft a gradual cutover.


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