Why JAMstack? Beyond static sites

A presentation at Certified Fresh Events - Modern Web Development with the JAMStack by Phil Hawksworth

We used to call them static sites, so why can’t we just leave that name alone? The JAMstack can actually go a lot further than delivering static sites. You can use it to deliver highly performant, secure, scalable… dynamic web sites.

In this talk we’ll look at what the JAMstack is, and how we can use emerging tools and conventions to embrace the possibilities of modern web development without exposing ourselves to undue risk.



The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

  • JAMstack comments

    The example site that we look at in a live demo at the end of this session. Comments on a static site, with no Javascript.

  • CSS Tricks - JAMstack comments

    A more detailed description of how this example works. Published on CSS Tricks

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