Information Architecture in Games Setting Menus. A player focussed approach with John Dickens

A presentation at WIAD London 2023 in in London, UK by The Research Thing

John Dickens, User Researcher, Sony PlayStation.

John Dickens, Games User Researcher

Developments in video game accessibility have increased rapidly within the last decade. Many games now ship with a raft of features and settings designed to help players with mobility, sight, hearing and cognitive accessibility needs. Removing barriers to play is an important pillar of our work at PlayStation Studios.

Whilst usability has long been established as an integral part to game design, the settings menu within the game - once something seen as purely a container for basic visual and audio settings - is now a vast directory of complex settings and features that can drastically alter the gameplay experience.

As such, game developers must consider the usability of their menus and systems. This talk will focus on research efforts to help identify how video game developers can increase discovery and comprehension of their game settings to ensure all players are able to navigate and use features that have the potential to remove barriers to play.


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