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A presentation at online webinar by erik riedel

Simultaneous Scaling For User And Application Growth

The global pandemic has changed our considerations for a lot of things – including data center infrastructure. Overnight, market demands and business priorities have shifted, which means businesses can no longer afford a multi-year journey to cloud-native.

IT teams are now having to rapidly scale capacity up from thousands to millions of users. Due to the demand for more services, they must also scale datacenter infrastructure out to support hundreds of apps and workloads.

This talk will share insights on what it takes to scale users, infrastructure, and workloads overnight. Learn why industry leaders worldwide are taking an open software and open hardware approach to this multi-dimensional scaling dilemma. Drawing from case studies of implementations of ITRenew’s Sesame systems in data centers across the globe, this webinar will show how open hardware platforms deliver on the promise of elastic infrastructure; explain how open technology takes care of which apps run on which nodes, using frameworks like Kubernetes; and demonstrate how anyone can implement at scale, in record time. We also include a short case study on how to go from servers to serverless in 20 minutes.

It has never been more urgent to serve more customers, add more services and grow business revenues – accelerating cloud-native and elastic infrastructure initiatives using Kubernetes and Open Hardware can be done today.


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