Operationalizing a Global Circular IT Hardware Industry

A presentation at IFX 2019 - Celebrating the Craft & Culture of Infrastructure in in Las Vegas, NV, USA by erik riedel

The global IT industry is responsible for 4% of global emissions and on track to double by 2025. The hyperscale and open computing community is doing a great job driving advances in operational efficiency, but this is only part of the puzzle, one third of the puzzle in fact. To truly assess and address the environmental impact of data center equipment, it is imperative to include both pre-use (embodied energy) and post-use costs of the massive scaling of our collective infrastructure. In this talk we will outline the true total cost of equipment, and the opportunity represented by circular data centers to redefine lifetimes, and maximize both financial value and sustainability. Operationalizing circular data centers means enabling a global, circular IT hardware industry, which catalyzes both financial and environmental opportunity, and democratizes access to growth. We’ll talk about what this entails, what’s happening now, and what is at stake.


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