Scaling Down While Scaling Up

A presentation at OCP Regional Summit in in Lisbon, Portugal by erik riedel

This talk presents a detailed design study of several OCP hyperscale systems vs previous server & rack designs, including trade-offs & choices that reduce complexity, reduce costs, increase performance, and increase scalability. We will also quantify that a clear side-effect of these choices is to reduce the carbon footprint of data center deployments & operations. These carbon savings arise from both operational & scope 3 benefits, and they continue to accrue the longer systems are productively utilized. The power of collaborative, “out of the box” design approaches that have crossed traditional industry silos – across hardware, software, & operations – have enabled innovative designs that have proven their value and influence across the industry. The fact that these designs were pursued with simplicity and efficiency in mind mean that they also inherently consume less resources in both energy, materials, and operational effort paying dividends in the short-run and long-run.