Cats, Qubits, and Clouds - 
The Quantum Future


A presentation at EPAM SEC in in Minsk, Belarus by Holly Cummins

The classical computer on your lap or housed in your data centre manipulates data represented with a binary encoding. Quantum computers are different; they use atomic level mechanics to represent multiple data states simultaneously, leading to a phenomenal exponential increase in the representable state of data, and new solutions to problems that are infeasible using today’s classical computers. In five years, the effects of quantum computing will reach beyond the research lab. It will be used extensively by new categories of professionals and developers looking to this emerging method of computing to solve problems once considered unsolvable.

This session assumes no prior knowledge of quantum technology and presents a introduction to the field of quantum computing, including an introduction to the quantum bit, the types of problem suited to quantum computing, a demo of running algorithms on IBM Q quantum devices, and a peek into the future of quantum computers.


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