Sales Skills for QA Experts

A presentation at TestCon Europe in in Vilnius, Lithuania by Iancho Dimitrov

Sales skills – can they be useful to QA experts? Iancho believes they can be not just useful but actually quite important for achieving the professional and personal goals of every IT professional. Think about the broader context of selling – like convincing, negotiating and more. Here are just a few scenarios where they can greatly increase your chances for success:

*** You have an idea for a change in your project – for example you believe you need to introduce automated testing, a new tool, or a significant change in the process. And as all these cost – you need to convince and “sell” your idea to your colleagues responsible for budget related decisions. *** You are applying for a position in a new company or for a new role in your current company. Again, you need to effectively “sell” your expertise, experience and time. *** You plan to join a start-up as a co-founder or to build your own company. It’s more than clear that for your long-term success a key factor will be the company’s ability to sell well. *** You plan to advance your career in areas like Project Management and Account Management. To be successful in any of these you will definitely need to be able to “sell” well.

Join this session and you’ll hear Iancho’s point of view about selling in a broader context – and why sales skills matter for QA experts. Iancho will talk about some of the main sales approaches and principles that he uses and that have proven successful. He’ll map all of these to two real life scenarios from the QA expert’s life – and will show you how they can be applied by sharing real-life examples and first-hand experience.