One hour to learn Stencil

A presentation at LostInBrittany Discord Tutorials by Horacio Gonzalez

What is Stencil? Yet another Web Components library? But why Web Components, or Web Components? Why do I need anything other than React/Vue/Angular/NewShinyFramework? And even if I needed these Web Components, why Stencil? 😠 Every time I introduce someone to Stencil, I get the same initial reaction.

Then I start telling the story of Stencil and Ionic, and why Web Components makes sense in this case, as in many others. I’m talking about Stencil, its API, its possibilities… Usually, that’s enough to get people interested, because most developers have suffered the kind of problems that caused the Ionic team to create Stencil. But I remain frustrated because for me the best part is when people test Stencil, that’s where the woah effect is.

That’s why we’re organizing this workshop: a quarter of an hour introduction to Stencil, an hour to code your first application!

Without anything to install on your machine, a simple (recent) web browser will do the trick.