Serving for the win - Deploys and hosting for the rest of us

A presentation at Render Conf in in Oxford, UK by Phil Hawksworth

You’ve chosen your frameworks and libraries. You’ve learned how to write code which satisfies the buzzword and performance gods. Now you need to serve it to a global audience, and make things easy to preview, to test, to sign-off, and to evolve. But infrastructure design is difficult and boring for most of us. We just want to get our work out into the wild.

If only we had tools which would make us go, “Oh yeah! It all deploys perfectly every time” and shout, “You need another release? BAM! What’s next?"

This talk looks at some case studies of projects making common mistakes, and some which benefit from a better approach. We’ll explore tools and techniques which ease the path to production. Things anyone can do to boost confidence in every release. And ways to optimise our hosting for performance, hassle-free localisation and genuine A/B testing.


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