William Bartlett

William Bartlett

Agile Coach & DevOps Consultant


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Building, Fast and Slow: Contextual Product Management DevOps D-Day 2022 December 2022
Choice Is the Enemy of Good Voxxed Days Thessaloniki 2022 June 2022
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Embrasser l’incertitude AgiLeMans 2022 March 2022
Building, Fast and Slow Zenika NEXT 2022 January 2022
Embrasser l’incertitude Agile Grenoble 2021 November 2021
Embrasser l’incertitude Agile Tour Nantais 2021 November 2021
ZeBattle : ORM vs Bare SQL SnowCamp January 2020
Quand l’agilité donne les rênes aux managers Agile Tour Aix-Marseille 2019 December 2019
Quand le DevOps donne les rênes aux managers Devops D-Day 2019 November 2019
UX as an API Devoxx Belgium 2019 November 2019
Just Run It Docker Birthday #6 March 2019
L’agilité vue par William Bartlett Interview by Treeptik March 2019
Just a Spoonful of Agile Helps the Transformation Go Down APIdays Paris 2018 December 2018
Full-stack Microservices Devops DDay November 2018

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