Machine-enabled noun foraging for OOUX

A presentation at OOUX Happy Hour in in Atlanta, GA, USA by Rik Williams

Defining the right objects is critical to successful UX.

Noun foraging, the first step of the OOUX process and is a valuable activity in its own right, is all about finding those important objects — the things that our users actually care about — so that they can become the anchors of a valuable object-oriented user experience.

To make sure we are confident about our objects, we want to forage from a diverse landscape of resources.

We go foraging in user interview transcripts, competitor websites, our own existing systems, Wikipedia articles, and customer service chat logs.

However, foraging across reams of transcripts, case studies, and SME emails, can be a challenge.

This talk at Object-Oriented UX Happy Hour introduces a software-based method to mine diverse content sources.



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