You’ve Got This: Practical Advice for New Managers

A presentation at Bullish Conference in in Washington, DC, USA by Caro Griffin

Taking on a management role is often considered the natural next step for top performers, or a sign that your own business is successful. It’s the culmination of all of our hard work! But managing a team often requires a new skill set and learning on the job can be intimidating when you’re trying to look legit in front of a new team.

When I accepted my current role, I went from being self-employed to managing a growing team at a startup. I saw the personnel management as a small piece of my job, and was unprepared for the steep learning curve.

Two years later, I’ve grown my team from 3 to 20 and become really passionate about building a company that’s a good place to work. I’d like to share all the things I wish I had known when I started, as well as specific strategies to set yourself up for success in a new role.

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