Art Direction for the Web

A presentation at Contao Conference in in Duisburg, Germany by Andy Clarke

Modern web technologies like CSS Grid, Flexbox and Shapes have made it possible for us to implement print’s often distinctive designs, and the web’s now full of tutorials on how to use them. But the most important question is not “how” we can use art direction techniques to improve our designs for the web, but “when” and “why?”

Based on Andy Clarke’s twenty years’ experience of working with clients, this talk will explore the work of some of the most influential art directors, luminaries like Alexey Brodovitch, Bea Feitler, and Neville Brody.

Andy will also introduce you to using CSS Grid while making creative layouts. You’ll learn about how compound grids, modular grids, and skinny columns will change the way you think about layout on the web.